Updated: 03/08/23


We currently have puppies!
Born: 02/17/23
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 CH BRIARBROOKS ARROGATE    A powder blue  (not for sale)

Blue merle Aussie puppies get darker with age . The small black flecks will become more pronounced as they grow.

The larger black spots will increase in size. In all puppies  the  nose is pink at birth and darkens as they get older.

a powder blue is the hardest color to achieve in a breeding program, when they are born the blue (gray) is one shade darker than white at birth.

refer to photo  ABOVE  of CH Briarbrooks Arrogate he is a powder blue, the clearest blue of all colors.

all puppies have blue eyes when they open at 3/4 weeks, it takes time to be sure of the final  eye color.











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